This is a list of rivers, their starting areas, what provinces they border, and where they empty into and or meet another river.

  • Adorn- White Mountains, western Rohan , meets Isen west of the Gap of Rohan
  • Anduin- Grey/Misty Mountains, Mirkwood , Rohan, Rhovanion ,Gondor ,Mordor , empties into the Mouths of Anduin in the Great Sea
  • Brandywine- Lake Evendim, The Shire , Sundering Sea of Eryn Vorn
  • Bruinen- Two tributaries in the Misty Mountains, Arnor ,Rhudaur ,Rivendell , River Mitheithel
  • Celebrant- stream near exit of Moria , Moria,Lothlorien , meets the Nimrodel in Lothlorien
  • Celos- Tributary of Sirith from White Mountains, Gondor, Bay of Belfalas
  • Ciril- White Mountains, Gondor, meets the river Ringlo after the city of Calembel
  • Enchanted River- The Mountains of Mirkwood, Mirkwood, joins the Forest River
  • Entwash- Mount Methedras' springs, Rohan, joined the Snowbourn at Edoras , joined the river Anduin at the Falls of Rauros.
  • Erui- White Mountains (Mount Mindolluin), Gondor, Meets Anduin south of Minas Tirith
  • Forest River- Grey Mountains of Rhovanion, Rhovanion,Mirkwood, joins the River Running in the Long Lake
  • Gilrain- southern White Mountains, Lebennin, formed a tributary of the river Serni
  • Gladden- Unnamed armes in Hithaeglir, Rhovanion, flowed westward into the Gladden Fields near the river Anduin
  • Glanduin- Hithaeglir near Khazad-dum, Moria, empties with the Sirannon into Swanfleet, northeast of Tharbad
  • Greyflood- Misty Mountains west of the river Rhimdath, Arnor,Rhudaur, meets the river Glanduin in Swanfleet
  • Greylin-Near the ruins of Framsburg, Rhovanion, flows into the Anduin
  • Harnen- Ephel Duath, Mordor,Harad, emptied into Belegaer
  • Isen- Nan Curinir, Isengard,Rohan, emptied into Belegaer
  • Langwell- Rhovanion, empied into the Greylin/Anduin
  • Lefnui- Starkhorn peak of the White Mountains, Gondor, The Bay of Belfalas
  • Limlight- Fangorn Forest, Rohan, emptied into the Anduin near the Brown Lands
  • Lune- Arnor, Gulf of Lune in the Blue Mountains
  • Mering Stream- Gondor,Rohan
  • Mitheithel- Misty Mountains, Arnor, meets the Glanduin at Swanfleet
  • Morgulduin- Morgul Vale, Mordor, flowed into the Anduin
  • Morthond- Dwimorberg, Gondor
  • Nimrodel- Celebdil, Lorien, meets the Celebrant in Lorien
  • Poros- Sea of Nurnen, Mordor,Gondor, emptied into the Anduin delta
  • Redwater- Iron Hills east of Lonely Mountain, Iron Hills/ Erebor, emptied into the River Running
  • Ringlo- White Mountains, Gondor, met the sea at Edhellond
  • Ringwil
  • River Running- Beneath Erebor, Erebor,Mirkwood,Rhun, Sea of Rhun
  • Sarn Gebir- Rapids on the Anduin, Gondor
  • Serni- Plains of Lebennin
  • Sirannon- Moria, Moria
  • Sirith- White Mountains, Gondor, met Anduin at Pelargir
  • Snowbourn- White Mountains (Starkhorn), Rohan, flows into Entwash
  • The Water- Northfarthing, The Shire, joins the Brandywine in Eastfarthing
  • Withywindle- waterfall in the Barrow-downs, The Shire

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