Rules about the namesEdit

  1. You cannot be named after a character of Middle Earth, this includes people from the Simillarion and The Hobbit.
  2. Your name must be LOTR related, no Bobs or Stevens.
  3. Your nickname must be approved by a Maia or Valar
  4. Make a name that makes sense for your character, profession, or personality type (Elves, Men, and Dwarves)
  5. See the playable races page

Good Sources for NamesEdit

Men and ElvesEdit

Since most of the names used in LOTR have Sindarin roots, a good source for names could be Hiswekloke's Sindarin Dictionary, found here:

Take one or two words that describe your character, and form it into a name.

GandalfNine's character is the Librarian of Gondor, so, his nickname is Daithiaur from the Sindarin andaith (mark) and iaur (ancient), so his name literally means ancient marks or runic script, a common dealing of scholars and historians of any world.


Black Speech, the language of Mordor, is, and never will be, a complete language. Taking that in account, it is very hard to get an Orc name. Since Black Speech has roots in Germanic languages, we would suggest using a German dictionary and corrupting the word into a name.


Hobbits usually have last names relating to their profession, feet, or place of dwelling.

Uncommon names are usually the best for hobbits.

Example Hobbit name: Barnabas Fairfeet


Many Dwarvish names are taken from a collection of poetic Viking prophecies, Voluspa. Some names were also taken from the Icelandic language

Voluspa found here:

Most Dwarves went without last names, but some, like Thorin Oakenshield, have epithets relating to deeds in war.

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