Isengard is one of the three fortresses of Gondor. In it, it houses one of Gondor's three Palantiri.


Orthanc is the name of Isengard proper, that is, the actual tower in Isengard. Within it is untold treasures under the "guard" of Saruman the White. 


About the Faction

The wizard Saruman has dwelled in the tower of Orthanc for many years, keeping a watchful eye on Middle Earth through his Palantir. Saruman was enticed by Sauron with dreams of domination over his enemies, and a shared reward with the wizard through industrialization and the power of the wizard's voice. Soon after Sauron returned to power, Saruman annexed Orthanc and the surrounding areas for himself, turning the vast forests into massive pits of manufactory, attracting allies from Dunland, spawning vicious Uruk Hai and their leader Lurtz . Saruman's goal to burn the old world in the fires of industry is truly an evil cause and a threat to The Free Peoples.

Alignment: Evil

NPC Leader: Saruman

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