Gandalf the Grey
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Weapon: None

Health: 10 hearts

Special Abilites: When you kill him, he comes back alive stronger than before.



Gandalf the Grey was a Maiar of Valinor, originally named Olorin. He was sent with the other Istari (wizards) to combat the threat of Sauron. He clothed himself in grey cloths, a pointed hat, brown leather belt, and pointed shoes. Spending many years in Middle Earth, he gained the name "Mithrandir", or Grey Pilgrim, from the Elves.

Thorin's QuestEdit

During the Third Age, Gandalf joined the company of Thorin Oakenshield, a Dwarven heir of a bygone monarchy attempting to reclaim his homeland from a fire breathing drake, Smaug. Gandalf spent much of the quest away from the thirteen dwarves and hobbit burgular, having had more pressing buisness to attend to. He rejoined the company at specific places, and fought in the Battle of Five Armies, a crucial turning point in the Quest for Erebor.

The War of the RingEdit

Gandalf spent 60 years tracking evil in Middle Earth, but he was soon curious about one ring in the Shire, Bilbo's ring that Bilbo used in the Quest for Erebor. Gandalf had his suspicions about the ring, and he soon found that the ring was no ordinary magical ring if there ever was one; it was the One Ring of Sauron's making, his latch onto Middle Earth.

Gandalf rode from Hobbiton to Isengard, bringing news of the ring to Saruman, the head of the Council of Wizards. Gandalf soon found Saruman was after the Ring himself, that he had aligned himself with Sauron.

"There is only one Lord of the Ring, and he does not share power! "

Gandalf fled from the pinnacle of Orthanc with the help of the Lord of the Eagles. He went to the Council of Elrond in Rivendell, and was part of the Fellowship of the Ring.

The Fellowship soon travelled the slopes of Caradhras, setting on the path through Moria, a path that would not lead them too close to Isengard.


The Fellowship soon found the Mines of Moria a ruined underground, the site of a battle between Dwarves and Goblins. They barricaded themselves in the Chamber of Marzarbul, the sight of Balin's tomb. They fought off the goblin hoarde and made their way to the Bridge of Khazad-dum, soon realizing that they were being followed by an ancient demon.

Gandalf realized that he would have to get rid of Durin's Bane, one way or another...

See: Gandalf the White

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