Fornost Erain (also simply known as Fornost) was a fortressed city and former capital of the Arthedain , a kingdom of Men in the early Third Age.


When King Earendur died in TA 861, Arnor, (see Arnor ) was split into three seperate kingdoms: Arthedain, Cardolan ( absorbed into Arthedain after the defeat of Angmar , but failed to be repopulated, see Barrow-wights ), and Rhudaur (vassal state of Angmar, later absorbed into it)

Battle and End of Fornost

In TA 1974, Arthedain fell to an invasion led by The Witch-King of Angmar himself. He annexed the city of Fornost, populating the city with the vile scum of his armies. A fleet from Gondor with allies from Lindon, Rivendell, and the remains of Arnor defeated The Witch-King a year later. The Dunedain (see Dunedain ), the original builders of Fornost, were too few to populate the city, and it gradually fell into ruin.


Fornost is from the Sindarin 'for'=north+ 'ost'= fortress

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