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The Awaken Dreams Mod


The Awaken Dreams Mod is a mod that is made to go along with The Valar Project map. This mod aims to completly recreate Middle Earth in Minecraft. There have been projects that are doing this but this is the first time that a mod has been made. Awaken Dreams is a Lord of the Rings mod (middle earth-mod) there will be in two parts: single player-mod and Multiplayer-mod.

Version 0.1 has been released to give you a little taste of how it is progressing so far. It should be noted that a few things are left incomplete. This and any other problems found in the mod are posted in the bug list.

Modding done by scribblemaniac. Please subscribe to him as well, you may get some things before everyone else, hint hint, nudge nudge.

The Awaken Dreams Mod by Connor Deptuck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Mod Future

We have lots planned for this mod. The current plan includes new textures, new food, new weathers, new biomes, new blocks, new mobs, NPC's, quests, ingame jobs, new mob animals, new trees, magics, commands for mobs, a mana bar, a good/evil bar, factions, ingame gamble games, ability to wear rings, ability to use two weapons, new plants, new weapons, a quest-board, new potions, new items, new vehicles, two-handed weapons, new achivements, ability to block with weapons, small blocks, gates, musical instruments, ability to see other players health, new valueables, coins, LOTR music, new height level, new neather (valinor now), a save block, goblins and gollum can crawl on walls, water in waterfalls get white, new sounds, new fighting system, keys & locks, new minecraft logo, ability to kick, new star heaven, new sort of water, horns, bells, upgrading system, fire arrows, new ores, add gore, smoke block, ability to smoke a pipe, a telescope, fireworks, snow & mud slows you, ability to become drunk, add cloaks and coats, travel faster on road blocks, special LOTR stuff and lots more .our plan is to create the world of Tolkien combined with other game facts. We will try as hard as we can to make the world the most realistic in the spirit of Tolkien and peter jacksons movie.

The plan is that people can walk around in middle earth and explore. No LOTR or the Hobbit quests will be made. 257 quests are currently planed. A LOTR Mod and The Hobbit Mod will maybe made after this mod is done.

User Feedback

If you got some mod ideas go to our mod-idea blog and leave a post (link seen in our update log).If you think you may have found a bug or glitch please do not comment below. Instead post it in the bug list.

As always, if you like it, give diamond, subscribe and favorite!


I, nicrlaitheking, have been working on the plans for the mod for nearly 2 years know so don't post any stupid replies like: add orcs or can i kill aragorn?! XD -.-'

i have been working with the universe of Tolkien for 12,5 years and the plans is based upon my knowledge i got in for the last 6 or 7 years.

the plan is that people can walk around in middle earth and explore. no LOTR or the Hobbit quests will be made. 257 quests is planed. a LOTR-mod & the Hobbit- mod will maybe made after this mod is done.

The mods will be on our server, called The Valar Project.

the mods will be combined with some player possibilities on our server:

check the list on our project site and submit for family- membership on our website:

check our update log to see our skinning progress.

ONE OF THE DOWNLOADS IS A MOD PLAN including some of the items- it is not recommended that anyone to install it. (it wont be updated so there is alot of stuff and features there isn't added but is planed).

Subscribe below if you want to help.

Remember to give a diamond if you like the idea.


Leader of the project- nicrlaitheking

leader of the skinners- nicrlaithekingleader of the modders- scribblemaniac Other Credits:
Lenzen2 - Coder
Ghostgunner - CoderWolfeye= mob skinnerchrisrulz= Expert skinner, mob skinnerGreace= skinner (stopped)cheesey28= Expert skinnerNuclearHotdogs = expert skinnerakid@Church = expert skinneraustinminecraft1= skinner

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